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Alpha Particles: Observations/Projections


Based in Los Angeles, California, Alpha Particles is the music and visual art project headed by multi-instrumentalist and composer Allen Morris. "It all began with the name and some experimental photography I was doing with a broken DSLR camera..." explains Morris on the origin of the band, "...It was more of an mental exercise of how to express an idea or emotion. I viewed it more as a body of work, more so than a band." Music however was soon to follow culminating in 2016's shoegaze-inspired Alpha Particles LP which featured Morris performing all instrument and vocal duties. The album is a direct reaction to the changes in the way people interact with each other and ultimately with themselves through the advance of social technology, all seen through a distorted but not hazy lens of electric guitars.

“The first thing that struck me about Alpha Particles’ debut eponymous EP Alpha Particles was how closely the initial guitar tones reminded me of early alternative rock, specifically bands such as Dino Jr., Sonic Youth, etc.” {Divide and Conquer, Review July 2016}.

After taking a year break from Alpha Particles to tour for a solo record, Allen began to play around with the Alpha Particles idea once more, eventually expanding into an actual band with Mariella Riat and Daniel Fowler (of Emote Ctrl) performing bass, drums, and vocal duties. After only four weeks of rehearsals, a renewed Alpha Particles came back in summer 2018 with it's first shows in two years. Alpha Particles is currently in the studio recording new material to be released as a series of singles beginning Fall 2018.


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It All Went Wrong (Single)

by Alpha Particles

Taken from the original 2014-2016 recording sessions, “It All Went Wrong” is a remix and remaster of the lo-fi rocker that was at the genesis of the Alpha Particles project. A track that laments the passing of youth from the perspective of someone that is suddenly aware of their adulthood and mortality.

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